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PRICE: $350
DURATION: 1 hour (w/30 min buffer)
TOUCHUP: One included

When Breanna Joy creates your tattoo eyeliner in Austin, TX, you can be assured of the most natural look. She believes subtle is the key. Natural and airy will enhance your eyes and lashes while keeping a timeless beauty.

This procedure has two styles choices: delicate liner and soft stardust liner. Both are for top eyeliner ONLY. If you want to create a delicate eyeliner, the best permanent makeup services in Austin can help you do just that.

After all, our lash enhancing eyeliner is meant to ENHANCE your natural beauty.


Our tattoo eyeliner service in Austin, TX is a type of permanent makeup procedure. It places pigment along the top and bottom lashes to define your eyes.
During your first appointment, Breanna Joy will explain the process for eyeliner procedure. A lidocaine based numbing aesthetic will be applied to the eyelid area to minimize discomfort. Based on the two preferred eyeliner styles, Breanna Joy will pre-draw your eyeliner. Adjustments can be made before committing to the mapping process. After commitment, eyeliner pigment is gently implanted into the skin. Slowly building layers to avoid harsh or too bold results.
  • Do not wear mascara on the day of the procedure.
  • Have your eyes free of makeup and moisturizer.
  • Do bring sunglasses to wear home. Eyes may be slightly sensitive.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, please bring those to your appointment.
  • Contact lenses must be removed before the procedure.
Healing takes approximately 5-7 days. Light swelling may occur immediately after the procedure. But this will subside within a few hours. Overall, most clients go about their day after their appointment.
All first appointments will need a 2nd session 6-8 weeks later. Second “touch-up” session is included in this service. Your COMPLIMENTARY TOUCH-UP is valid for 4 months after your 1st SESSION. Fading depends on several factors, lifestyle, pigment color, and skin care. Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 years.
Tattoo Eyeliner Service Austin TX | Black Bloom Studio


There are many benefits to eyeliner tattooing. The most obvious is that you don’t have to apply it every day Plus, these awesome benefits: