Pink Lip Blush Tattoo Service Austin - Black Bloom Studio


PRICE: $550
DURATION: 2 hours (w/30 min buffer)
TOUCHUP: One included

Just a hint of tint makes a big difference! Do your lips look dull? Black Bloom Studio’s lip blush tattoo service in Austin transforms clients’ lips. We use a range of deep berries, bold pinks, and everyday nudes to awaken your lips.

Moreover, each color is customized by Breanna Joy just for you! Smudge proof lip blush creates a soft tint that can camouflage lip pigmentation and create symmetry. Giving you 24/7 beautiful, long-lasting color.


Lip blush tattoo service is Austin is a semi-permanent tattooing method. It’s designed to enhance the natural shape and color of your lips for one to two years.
During your consultation, try on your favorite pigments with our smudge-proof lip blush stains before committing. After artist Breanna Joy consults you on shape, a numbing anesthetic is applied to alleviate discomfort. Next, she will draw your lip shape using a pencil similar to a lip liner. Once the shape is drawn, the tattooing process begins. At this stage, she will pass over the lips two or three times using a light shading technique. When the procedure is done, your lips are clean thoroughly and covered with a healing ointment.
Fading depends on several factors such as lifestyle, tint color, and skin care. Fading can range from 2-5 years.
Lip blush service includes a complementary touch-up 6 to 8 weeks after your initial procedure. Your touch-up is valid for 4 months after your 1st session.
For clients that want to correct dark pigmentation on the lips, color correction is a process. During your 1st appointment, Breanna Joy will discuss process and lip blush pigments that best address your concerns. Also, in some cases, a 3rd lip blush session is recommended to reach optimal results.
Tint Lip Blush Tattoo in Austin TX


Your perfectly pigmented pout will no longer require regularly applying your favorite lipstick. How great is that?! And, you get a free touch-up session in addition to these wonderful benefits: