Brow Cover-Up Correction - Austin TX


PRICE: $750
DURATION: 2 hrs 15 min (w/30 min buffer)
TOUCHUP: One included

Brow cover-up results in Austin vary depending on your old tattoo shape, color, percentage of fade and symmetry. All cover-ups require more work for the tattoo artist. And some may not be recommended until laser treatments are completed.

In some cases, if shape and color require an extreme change with tattooing, then a third session may be needed. However, only two sessions are included in this purchase.

Before booking, please email Breanna Joy a clear photo of your brows with description of your desired results.


Our brow cover-up service in Austin entails correcting the shape and color of your brows done by another artist. But keep in mind that we must see the existing work before you book.
During the first 20 minutes of your first brow appointment, we will discuss skin type, medical history, and desired brow results. After consultation, Breanna Joy will start by drawing a “draft brow” with a pencil. Here we will discuss width, shape and tattoo techniques that best fit you. Giving you a basic example before you commit to the final tattoo procedure
At your initial appointment, the tattoo artist will start “mapping” to your bone structure. Once consulting you on shape, she will finish mapping by perfecting shape to your satisfaction. Before your procedure starts, numbing cream will be applied, giving a buffer from pain or discomfort. Next, Breanna Joy will create hair strokes that flow with your natural hair pattern. The result, beautiful brows!
All first appointments will need a 2nd session 6-8 weeks later. Second “touch-up” session is included in this service. Your COMPLIMENTARY TOUCH-UP is valid for 4 months after your 1st SESSION. Fading depends on several factors, lifestyle, pigment color, and skin care. Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 years.
Sometimes, brow laser treatment is recommended before brow cover-up work can begin. If you’re needing laser treatment, we recommend Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics at (210) 600-3335.
Brow Cover-Up Services - Austin, TX


Ready to have fabulous brows every day without any effort? Great! In addition to a free consultation, our brow service also includes a free second session touch-up. Plus, these great benefits: